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How it all Started

I'm here to provide you with
insight, inspiration and a bit of insanity 
for the second half of your life.

The Next Chapter - Now what?

As a recent empty nester, I began thinking about the next chapter of my life.  What do I do now?  House is oldest son is married living in Charlotte, NC.  My middle son lives in Chicago and my youngest, my daughter, will be a senior in college in Kentucky.  My husband works out of the house and I managed a High School bookstore.  We decided to downsize and bought a townhouse before we sold our house (financial stress).  During a two year window, my father died, my father-in-law died and my mother-in-law died as well (emotional stress).   My job sucked my creativity out of me and landed me behind a computer screen all day (job stress).  I definitely needed to make a change...


After turning 50, there's a definite life shift.  It's easy to lose yourself when there are so many changes emerging: kids leave, parents get old and sick, jobs change, thoughts of retirement and can be overwhelming.  All the articles I read said to take a look at where you are in your life and what you still want to accomplish.  Clear the mental and physical clutter!  At this age? How do I do this?

It was time to put all of my self help books and podcasts into practice.  I started carving out a little "me time" before I started the day - even set the alarm thirty minutes earlier.  I began to light a candle each and every morning to ground me.  I started writing in a journal and basically emptied my mind on the pages to clear my head and plan my day.  I created what I call a mindful morning practice which has now become a daily habit. I also surround myself with reminders that convey positivity. I'm somewhat addicted to positive quotes and funny ones too!  My obsession with positivity seems to help reduce my anxiety and this, my friends, is a very good thing.

Positivity may not be the answer to everything. 

But it definitely beats being negative

and it truly is contagious. 

I hope I can inspire you with a quote ~ to bring positivity, inspiration, encouragement and humor into your life. 

It's a crazy bumpy road but worth the trip! 

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