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  • Lisa Houlihan

Life really is good ~ Once you figure it out.

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

I have always been in awe of childbirth but when my grandson was born just a few short weeks ago, it was nothing short of a miracle. How exactly did that sweet little nugget come out of my darling little daughter-in-law? And how lucky was I to be able to hold him an hour after he introduced himself to the world?

It is difficult to explain unconditional love in the first place, but suffice it to say that this experience is even better on a whole new level. Why? Because I’m old enough and hopefully wise enough to appreciate life and all it has to offer. Because I’ve lost family and friends and I understand the fragility and uncertainty of life. Because parenting is great but I think we’re so deep into figuring it all out that we don’t really see it for what it is until our kids leave the nest.Then it all becomes clear – or at least it did for me.


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